Dashboard 1/2024: Distributional Wealth Accounts (experimental data)

A new, interactive HFCS dashboard allows direct access to the most important ECB HFCS statistics across all waves and all countries, as well as easy download of the underlying figures. It thus offers direct and easy access to this data source. In addition to researchers working with the HFCS microdata themselves, it can also be useful for anyone looking for information on household finances in Europe. The dashboard is accessible here:

Dashboard Nr. 1/2022: International Key Figures

Further HFCS dashboards are designed to provide concise information on specific aspects of household finance based on HFCS data. They are provided in separate html files, which can also be downloaded.

Dashboard Nr. 2/2022: Wealth in the life cycle
Dashboard Nr. 6/2020: Household debt in CESEE
Dashboard Nr. 5/2020: Financial vulnerability of Austrian households
Dashboard Nr. 4/2020: Characteristics of household debt in Austria
Dashboard Nr. 3/2020: Net wealth in Europe. New results from the Eurosystem
Dashboard Nr. 2/2020: Households in Austria
Dashboard Nr. 1/2020: Saving behaviour of Austrian households
Dashboard Nr. 1/2019: Housing, Income and Wealth