HFCS Austria 2021

First results for Austria (fourth wave)

Eurosystem Household Finance and Consumption Survey 2021: First results for Austria (PDF, 3,6 MB)
Fessler, Lindner, Schürz

Standard Output Tables (fourth wave)

HFCS Austria 2021. Standard Output Tabellen (fourth wave) (XLSX, 190 KB)

Methodological notes

Eurosystem Household Finance and Consumption Survey 2021: Methodological notes for Austria (PDF, 2 MB)
Albacete, Lindner, Wagner

Online-Appendix (ZIP, 4 MB) 

The first results and the methodological documentation of the international HFCS can be downloaded from the website of the Household Finance and Consumption Network (HFCN) of the European Central Bank.

Further Information

Interview with Arthur Kennickell

Arthur Kennickell is the mastermind behind the US Survey of Consumer Finances, a significant contributor to wealth surveys globally and a major consultant for the eurosystem to develop the HFCS. Austrian Central Banks own Expert Pirmin Fessler raises questions about the pivotal role of surveys in social science research, as well as the role of surveys in society, inequality, and the future of research on wealth.

Workshop to Augmented Wealth

The Measurement of Augmented Wealth: Concepts, Methods and Results 
Video and Presentations of the workshop of the OeNB, March 3,.2023


Pension Entitlements and Net Wealth in Austria (PDF, 940 KB) 
Markus Knell, Reinhard Koman (2022). OeNB Working Paper 238

Private Wealth Across European Countries: The Role of Income, Inheritance and the Welfare State
Pirmin Fessler, Martin Schürz (2018). Journal of Human Development and Capabilities

Structuring the Analysis of Wealth Inequality Using the Functions of Wealth: A Class-Based Approach
Pirmin Fessler, Martin Schürz (2022). National Bureau of Economic Research.

A new instrument to measure wealth inequality: distributional wealth accounts
Arthur B. Kennickell, Peter Lindner, Martin Schürz – Monetary Policy and the Economy Q4/21