Project-specific website of the Household Finance and Consumption Network (HFCN), which plans and coordinates the implementation of the HFCS in the Euro Area

ECB: Household Finance and Consumption Network (HFCN)

Similar surveys in other countries

USA: Survey of Consumer Finances of the Federal Reserve System

Spain: Survey of Household Finances (EFF) of the Banco de España

Italy: Survey on Household Income and Wealth (SHIW) of the Banca d’Italia

International: Luxembourg Wealth Study (LWS) (project for ex-post harmonization of existing surveys in various countries)

Germany: Panel on Household Finances of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Further household surveys

German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) (German Institute for Economic Research, DIW Berlin)

Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)

EU-SILC (Statistics Austria/Eurostat) (available in German only)

Further information on household, finance and consumption surveys

OECD: Guidelines for Micro Statistics on Household Wealth

OECD: Framework for statistics on the distribution of household income, consumption, and wealth